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Our Alphabet Application that teach kids letters.
Our Apps make learning ABC s fun and easy.Children who can identify letters and know letter sounds when entering
kindergarten will be prepared to learn how to sound out words and read. you can make your own application.


Android Side

  1. Two Types Of Category-* Capital Alphabet * Small Alphabet
  2. You can Flip Pages by Swiping Next or Previous Button
  3. Auto Play Option
  4. Sound Play and Mute Option
  5. You can Flip Pages by Swipe Gesture
  6. A to Z Alphabets with Sounds and Images
  7. Alphabets Learn the sounds of Letters A-Z
  8. Small Alphabet Learn the sounds of letters a-z
  9. Alphabet Images Share and Save
  10. Beautiful UI and Easy to Customize
  11. Admob Integrated
  12. Start App Integrated

What You Get:

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what)
  3. Full Document with Screen Shot