Main about Azexo Composer:

  • front end drag and drop page builder
  • front end drag and drop content slider builder
  • front end drag and drop form builder
  • front end form submissions viewer
  • front end admin panel
  • so it is complete landing page solution – you just copy folder and you have new landing page

Azexo Composer is JavaScript library for user friendly front-end content editing of HTML pages. It is based on jQuery, jQuery UI, Underscore and Bootstrap. The main difference from other solutions – Azexo Composer uses client JS for render of HTML to work faster and save server resources. It can be used for such tasks:

– Azexo Composer is ready for making static landing pages by end users with default Bootstrap CSS (or you can use Bootswatch CSS or any custom Bootstrap theme). In this case Azexo Composer saves results of editing into server file system via PHP AJAX interface in shortcodes format (like WordPress).

– Developers of HTML site templates can integrate Azexo Composer very easily, so their template will be ready for simple editing by the end users.

– Azexo Composer is ready for creating static content AJAX sites. Content can be loaded (via AJAX) when it will appear in user viewport.

– In same cases Azexo Composer can be used by graphic designers, who do not have CSS skills, for creating HTML site templates or sites for end users.

– Azexo Composer can be used for making offline HTML documents.

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