This is a complete source code of Bicycle Speedometer app . The app has minimum setup and ready to Appstore upload.

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Quick Setup

The There is no setup. Just open the BicycleComputer.xcodeproj and you will be on your way. One prerequisite is that you have XCode min version 5.1 installed one your mac.

1) Open BicycleComputer.-Info.plist file and change CFBundleIdentifier com.alexstart.bicyclecomputer to your app Bundle Identifier (example:

2) Open BicycleComputer-Prefix.pch and changes your identifiers for every ad you want to use

For PlayHaven
#define PLAYHAVAN_TOKEN @”5638118c59d84411b5ccc0091932dc5a”
#define PLAYHAVAN_SECRET @”303424d45d4f4fb08e65350c0856270e”
#define PLAYHAVAN_PLACE @”game_launch”

For Chartboost
#define ChartsBoostsAppID @”523f3a2717ba474e39000008”
#define ChartBoostsAppSignature @”81a2d6e128228d66a4409fdde8befc0659b37f52”

For RevMob
#define REVMOB_ID @”5211c347aee3909ff5000003”

3) Ready submit to Appstore