This can be a EasyUI datagrid plugin referred to as “EasyUI Datagrid Area Choose”. You need to use it to pick datagrid and replica the chosen area like Excel.

1. Choose Area As in Excel: Choose the area whenever you transfer mouse, and you should use “Shift” to pick area shortly.
2 Copy Area: You possibly can copy the chosen area by way of “ctrl + c” and paste it on anyplace you need.
2. Fast Key Binding: You need to use “Down”, “Up”, “Left”, “Proper” key transfer chosen area and find datagrid.
three. Straightforward Set up: Simply add the plugin js file to your host and replace datagrid configuration.
four. Supply Code: Nothing is hidden.

Set up

1. Add easyui.area.choose.min.js, easyui.area.choose.css to your host
2. import easyui.area.choose.min.js, easyui.area.choose.css in your html(php…) file
three. Use this plugin like.
width: seven hundred,
peak: 220,
url: ‘datagrid_data1.json’,
checkOnSelect: false,
singleSelect: true,
pagination: true,
The purpose is: `datagrid(‘regionSelect’)`