a game like Bouncy Ninja’s gameplay : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bouncy-ninja/id888923152?mt=8

A papular and top rank game on the App Store!
Frog Jump

Game play introducing

control the character between two blades, also you can eat x3 coin to get more score!


  • iPhone 5 Supported
  • Game Center Supported
  • Local scores
  • UIKit Technology
  • PSD files included / Layer Mode
  • Music/sounds Included
  • Sound OFF / Sound ON button
  • share score on Facebook,Twitter
  • Full game and ready to upload and sell
  • Full support through the comments with screenshots and videos If It needs!


1 – AdMob Project
2 – iAD Project
3 – Clean project – it means there is no ADS


As you know, I have coded this game with UIKit, ANY OPENGL CODES!!!

Setup the Game

  • 1) Find the “-Info.plist” in the project,then click on it!
  • 2) Find “Bundle identifier” row,then double-Click on the value
  • 3) change the “com..”’s value to your own domain

Setup the GameCenter

  • 1) Find defined.h file then open it
  • 2) change the “k_game_center_domain”’s value

Setup the AdMob

When you decided to upload the game on the Appstore, follow the steps! because the app can has access to the Real ADS, not Test ADS! by doing this, you will active real ADS.

  • Find defined.h file then open it
  • change the “k_adMob_ID”’s value
  • goto the “GameViewController.m” and find ”- (GADRequest *)request” function,then comment this line.
 request.testDevices = @[ GAD_SIMULATOR_ID ];