Zoom In/Out Effect Sliders, Timeline impact with navigation. Fixed Dimensions, Full Width, Full Screen and Mini-Galleries. Please see the options and verify the stay preview of this slider and persuade your self of its high quality.


Responsive Slider
Full Screen Slider
Multiple Instances
Animation Play
Animation Reverse
Animate layers inside slides
Button hyperlinks
Horizontal Scroll Timeline
Synced Slides
Reversed Slides
Mouse interplay
PNG and JPG prepared
Start Automatically
Time between animation

Debug Mode

Callback Called after the pictures img tags are created (func: afterImagesSetting)
Callback Called in any case DOM parts have been created (func: afterDomCreated)
Callback Called after the CSS is outlined (func: afterDefineCSS)
Callback Called after the primary picture is loaded (func: afterFirstLoad)
Callback Called after vacation spot picture is reached (the pictures in-between won’t rely) (func: afterTweenEnd)
Callback Called earlier than the picture’s animation begin (solely the primary, if there are a number of between this and the vacation spot one) (func: beforeTweenStart)
Callback Called earlier than an animation (func: beforeTransition)
Callback Called after an animation (when a picture is at one hundred% width) (func: afterTransition)
Callback Called when the pause button is clicked (func: afterPauseClick)
Callback Called when the paly button is clicked (func: afterPlayClick)
Callback Called when the reverse button is clicked (func: afterReverseClick)