With Magento SKU Auto Generator extension, web site proprietor can create SKUs for merchandise mechanically. That is good answer for admin as a result of they no want enter for SKU.
This extension is right for shops that create auto quantity SKU for product or create product SKU from class SKU. Meaning you will have two varieties for create Product SKU.

Demo Backend Information:
Consumer: demo
Password: demo123

Extension backend demo: http://magento-sku-base.uscoding.net/index.php/admin

Extension information: http://magento-sku-base-guide.uscoding.net/index.html

Extension element: http://uscoding.net/magento-sku-auto-generator.html

Principal Options

– Create Auto Numeric for SKU codes

– Set a Prefix or a Suffix string on your SKUs

– Permit to make use of SKU prefix from Class and construct SKU for Product

– Allow or Disable SKU auto era

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