About Scientific Calculator

A calculator for all purposes. Now try calculation with scientific calculator on your android devices. Works on three different modes – Float, Fixed and Scientific and calculate almost all scientific and non scientific calculations in a fly.

Features of Source Code


More Features

  • Ability to remove in-app purchase with just changing one value.
  • Supportable for both phones and tablets.
  • Customise the number of digits you want in the answer.
  • App rater which will ask user to rate app after x days.
  • Saves your state of mode and angle type (deg or rad) last used.
  • Allows user to keep their screen on while using.
  • Hide or show notification bar in the app.
  • Horizontal scrollable display to suppport small screen phones.

What you get

  • JAVA, XML and APK files.
  • Extra button pack (containing more png files other than used in app).
  • PSD photoshop files for app logo and graphics used in app.
  • Necessary Library Files required for applications.


Q. Can it be reskinned in eclipse?

Ans. Yes.

Q. Does it uses Google play services or old admob sdk?

Ans. Google play services.

Q. If i buy would you provide support for addition of other ad networks?

Ans. Yes.

Q.Is it necessary to change the application layout before deploying it to play store?

Ans.That depends entirely on you. I suggest changing it for the sake of uniqueness.

Q.I dont’t want in-app purchases is there any option to remove it?

Ans. If you are familiar with in app purchase only then remove the files associated with it. Otherwise there is a clean solution to it. In the ScientificActivity.java file you just value to change the variable name of APP_PURCHASE_REQUIRED to false. That’s it , your problem is solved.


Demo APK


For any queries mail us at [email protected]