Suarez – Modern Enterprise PSD Template

Suarez equips you with a minimalist but distinctive design, each in mild and darkish palette. There are 50+ elegant homepage designs with complete layouts and diligent particulars, overlaying a broad spectrum of enterprise, company, know-how and extra.

This can be very straightforward to customise Suarez on your objective. This template has every little thing you should set up a thoughts-blowing enterprise web site!

Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template
Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template
Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template
Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template
Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template
Suarez – Contemporary Business PSD Template

three Mega Menu Types

There are three menu navigation varieties with totally different visible layouts, displaying you the full construction of the web site genuinely. All of three choices categorical a excessive degree of aesthetics and effectiveness in your web site.

30 Pages

All net pages you may want now or want sometime are offered right here: You’ll get from important pages reminiscent of Concerning the workforce, Contact from or FAQs to not often used pages similar to Coming quickly, Upkeep and so forth. All are styled to combine and match the overall design of Suarez.

33 Shortcodes

Prolong your web site performance with a mega pack of superior shortcodes. You’ll get widespread parts corresponding to Tabs, buttons and infographic, interactive parts in addition to different varieties and icons. All of those are solely crafted to ensure that an entire phrase is in your hand.

32 Portfolios

Portfolio is a gigantic power of Suarez. These 32 clear and clear portfolio types allow you to present assortment of belongings, work samples and expertise comprehensively. Please decide up a favourite one in 6 default portfolios, 12 gallery types (with and with out area), 6 masonry varieties, 7 single portfolios and 1 timeline.

14 Blogs

Leverage your storytelling platform with primary weblog type of textual content and pictures, journal type of alternate blocks or the spectacular masonry of displayed matter photographs. Your readers might be drawn into textual content, photographs or audio – as much as you.

5 Outlets

Suarez is ideal for e-commerce function. You’ll be able to present merchandise with a store and a aspect bar added or a full-width store. All wanted modules for a web-based store – Worth filter, Class, Bestseller gadgets, Current publish and In style tags are prepared. Right here you additionally get product particulars, cart and checkout web page.

three Programs

Suarez supplies you with three course varieties for Educational Establishments – Listing, Gird with four columns and Single. Every course comes with full info show for guests and ebook type for enrollment.

5 Occasions

Suarez is tremendous versatile. You should use its design for numerous functions, occasion occasions: Record with carousel, Record with three columns, Listing with four columns, Listing and Particulars web page. You’re free to broaden your occasion group to a completely new degree of superior. These types are perfect for conferences, live performance, sport occasion and different occasions.

WordPress Coming Quickly

For guys who love Suarez however nonetheless fear about digging into code deliver it to your web site: You’ll get Suarez with a brand new model for WordPress with much more options and pages. Please keep tuned.


Template Options

  • 50 Homepage Format Choices
  • 30 Pages (About Us, Contact, Service, Coming Quickly, Upkeep Mode…)
  • thirteen Weblog Pages Format Choices
  • 25 Portfolio Format Choices
  • 02 Store Format Choices
  • 33 Shortcodes
  • Numerous Header Types
  • All Typography Parts
  • Based mostly on 1170px Grid System
  • Pixel Good
  • Straightforward to Customise
  • Absolutely Layered and Organized PSD File
  • Versatile and Multi-function
  • Free Google Net Fonts
  • Free Icon Fonts
  • Prolonged Documentation
  • And A lot Extra…


174 PSD Information Included


  • 01-SUAREZ-Company-01.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Company-02.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Company-03.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Company-04.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Company-05.psd
  • 06-SUAREZ-OnePage-01.psd
  • 07-SUAREZ-OnePage-02.psd
  • 08-SUAREZ-OnePage-03.psd
  • 09-SUAREZ-OnePage-04.psd
  • 10-SUAREZ-OnePage-05.psd
  • eleven-SUAREZ-Portfolio-01.psd
  • 12-SUAREZ-Portfolio-02.psd
  • thirteen-SUAREZ-Portfolio-03.psd
  • 14-SUAREZ-Portfolio-04.psd
  • 15-SUAREZ-Portfolio-05.psd
  • sixteen-SUAREZ-Journal-01.psd
  • 17-SUAREZ-Journal-02.psd
  • 18-SUAREZ-Inside-01.psd
  • 19-SUAREZ-Inside-02.psd
  • 20-SUAREZ-Tech-01.psd
  • 21-SUAREZ-Tech-02.psd
  • 22-SUAREZ-ClothingShop-01.psd
  • 23-SUAREZ-ClothingShop-02.psd
  • 24-SUAREZ-Footwear.psd
  • 25-SUAREZ-Flower.psd
  • 26-SUAREZ-Youngsters.psd
  • 27-SUAREZ-Bakery.psd
  • 28-SUAREZ-Schooling-01.psd
  • 29-SUAREZ-Schooling-02.psd
  • 30-SUAREZ-Wedding ceremony.psd
  • 31-SUAREZ-Music.psd
  • 32-SUAREZ-Medical.psd
  • 33-SUAREZ-Health club.psd
  • 34-SUAREZ-Church.psd
  • 35-SUAREZ-Lodge.psd
  • 36-SUAREZ-Tourism.psd
  • 37-SUAREZ-Bar.psd
  • 38-SUAREZ-Magnificence.psd
  • 39-SUAREZ-Lawyer.psd
  • forty-SUAREZ-Structure.psd
  • forty one-SUAREZ-Advertising.psd
  • forty two-SUAREZ-Occasion.psd
  • forty three-SUAREZ-Artwork.psd
  • forty four-SUAREZ-Internet hosting.psd
  • forty five-SUAREZ-Renovate.psd
  • forty six-SUAREZ-Delicacies.psd
  • forty seven-SUAREZ-Weblog.psd
  • forty eight-SUAREZ-LandingPage(App).psd
  • forty nine-SUAREZ-LandingPage(Video games).psd
  • 50-SUAREZ-LandingPage(Themes).psd


  • 01-Suarez-Pages-AboutUs-AboutTheTeam.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Pages-AboutUs-AboutOurCompany.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Pages-AboutUs-AboutMe.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Pages-OurServices-Style1.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Pages-OurServices-Style2.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Pages-OurProcess.psd
  • 07-Suarez-Pages-Contact1.psd
  • 08-Suarez-Pages-Contact2.psd
  • 09-Suarez-Pages-Header-PatternBackground.psd
  • 10-Suarez-Pages-Header-ImageBackground.psd
  • eleven-Suarez-Pages-Header-BigImageBackground.psd
  • 12-Suarez-Pages-Header-Video.psd
  • thirteen-Suarez-Pages-PageLayout-LeftSidebar.psd
  • 14-Suarez-Pages-PageLayout-RightSidebar.psd
  • 15-Suarez-Pages-PageLayout-FullWidth.psd
  • sixteen-Suarez-Pages- Others-FAQs.psd
  • 17-Suarez-Pages- Others-404Page.psd
  • 18-Suarez-Pages-Others-Maintenance1.psd
  • 19-Suarez-Pages-Others-Maintenance2.psd
  • 20-Suarez-Pages- Others-ComingSoon.psd
  • 21-Suarez-Pages- Others-SearchResults.psd
  • 22-Suarez-Pages-AuthorPage.psd
  • 23-Suarez-Pages-Boards.psd
  • 24-Suarez-Pages-Boards-Threads.psd
  • 25-Suarez-Pages-Boards-SingleTopic.psd
  • 26-Suarez-Pages-Boards-ProfilePage.psd
  • 27-Suarez-Pages-Boards-ProfilePage-TopicStarted.psd
  • 28-Suarez-Pages-Boards-ProfilePage-RepliesCreated.psd
  • 29-Suarez-Pages-ToggleTopArea.psd
  • 30-Suarez-Pages-ToggleTopArea-Collapse.psd


Widespread Parts
  • 01-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Tabs.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Buttons.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Testimonials.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-PricingTables.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Types.psd.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Separators.psd
  • 07-Suarez-Shortcodes-CommonElements-Accordian.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-FullPieCharts.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-DoughnutPieCharts.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-StandardPieCharts.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-IconPieCharts.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-AreaCharts.psd
  • 06-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-LineCharts.psd
  • 07-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-RadarCharts.psd
  • 08-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-BarCharts.psd
  • 09-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-ProgressBars.psd
  • 10-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Infographics-Zero&RandomCounter.psd
Interactive Parts
  • 01-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-StylistHover&LinkBoxes.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-VideoParallaxBackgrounds.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-InteractiveBanners.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-Workforce.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-ContentCover&Slide.psd
  • 06-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-ClientsCarousel.psd
  • 07-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-PostsCarousel.psd
  • 08-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-InteractiveElements-PortfolioCarousel.psd
Sort & Icons
  • 01-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-FancyTextBoxes.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-BlockQuote.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-FontAwesomeIcons.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-TextHighlights.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-DropCaps.psd
  • 06-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-Columns.psd
  • 07-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-Listing.psd
  • 08-SUAREZ-Shortcodes-Sort&Icons-CallToAction.psd


Default(Textual content&Areas)
  • 01-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-2ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-3ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-4ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-4ColumnsWide.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-5ColumnsWide.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Portfolio-Default(Textual content&Area)-6ColumnsWide.psd
  • 01-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-2ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-3ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-4ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-4ColumnsWide.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-5ColumnsWide.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylenoSpace-6ColumnsWide.psd
  • 01-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-2ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-3ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-4ColumnsGrid.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-4ColumnsWide.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-5ColumnsWide.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Portfolio-GalleryStylewithSpace-6ColumnsWide.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-3Columns.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-3Columns(withText).psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-4ColumnsWide.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-4ColumnsWide(withText).psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-5ColumnsWide.psd
  • 06-SUAREZ-Portfolio-Mansory-5ColumnsWide(withText).psd
  • Suarez-Portfolio-Timeline.psd
  • 01-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-VerticalFloatingSideBar.psd
  • 02-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-VerticalWide.psd
  • 03-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-BigSlider.psd
  • 04-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-SmallSlider.psd
  • 05-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-Gallery.psd
  • 06-Suarez-Portfolio-SinglePortfolio-Video.psd


  • 01-SUAREZ-Weblog-Primary-Primary Full Width.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Weblog-Primary-Primary Full Content material.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Weblog-Primary-Primary With Sidebar.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Weblog-Trendy-Full Width.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Weblog-Trendy-With Sidebar.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Weblog-Mansory-regular.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Weblog-Grid-four Columns.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Weblog-Grid-three Columns.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Weblog-Grid-2 Columns.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Weblog-Grid-four Columns With Sidebar.psd
05-SUAREZ-Weblog-Cut up
  • 01-SUAREZ-Weblog-Cut up-Regular.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Weblog-Cut up-With Sidebar.psd
  • 01-SUAREZ-Journal-Regular.psd
07-SUAREZ-Single Submit
  • 01-SUAREZ-Single Submit.psd


  • 01-SUAREZ-Store-With Sidebar.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Store-Full Width.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Store-Product.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Store-Purchasing Cart.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Store-Checkout.psd


  • 01-SUAREZ-Course – Record.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ- Course – Grid.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Course – Single.psd


  • 01-SUAREZ-Occasion-Carousel.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-Occasion-Grid-3Columns.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-Occasion-Grid-4Columns.psd
  • 04-SUAREZ-Occasion-Record.psd
  • 05-SUAREZ-Occasion-SingleEvent.psd


  • 01-SUAREZ-MegaMenu-Style1.psd
  • 02-SUAREZ-MegaMenu-Style2.psd
  • 03-SUAREZ-MegaMenu-Style3.psd


Sources and Credit

Fonts Used

You could set up these fonts under earlier than modifying the PSD information (you will discover all of them at Google Fonts website)


Icons Used


Graphics Used

Many thanks for these nice pictures to:


Notice: All pictures are simply used for Preview Function Solely. They don’t seem to be a part of the theme and NOT included within the remaining buy information.