Query: You and a good friend are getting into an egg toss contest. The objective of this contest is to toss an egg the best distance with out it cracking or breaking open. Describe your technique for catching eggs which were thrown an extended distance with out them breaking when it comes to physics. Use phrases like impulse and momentum.

Scholar’s Response was:

When making an attempt to catch an egg with the furthest distance, there are a number of issues to remember. Issues similar to the load of the egg, the space you’re throwing it, and the way you catch the egg can change the outcomes drastically.

First off, when throwing one thing as small as an egg, one should needless to say the additional the space, the extra pressure is exerted into throwing the egg. With extra drive exerted into the egg, the extra momentum there can be. That is particularly essential when catching the egg, as a result of catching it the mistaken method may end up in it breaking.

The catching of the egg could be notably troublesome, as a result of the egg could be very brittle and fragile. In an effort to scale back the momentum, you have to seize the egg by its sides so it doesn’t splatter in your hand. The egg’s impulse which is it is common pressure over a time period, have to be lowered in an effort to guarantee a protected touchdown for the egg. By grabbing the egg by the edges, you’re decreasing it is momentum and impulse to later make the egg fall into your palm.

Tutor’s response was: To win the competitors, we have to throw the egg as excessive as we will. So when it fall down, it can have a excessive velocity as nicely. Mass of the egg is fastened. So if we have to win this competitors, we must be ready to face a excessive momentum that we’ll obtain when it come down. Let’s imagine that we take time “t” to catch this egg. So the drive whereas catching the egg can be “F” given by:


So F= m(vf-vi)/t

And we have now already seen that mass m is fastened.

Additionally Vf =zero as a result of the egg lastly involves relaxation after catching.

Vi is the speed which was there simply earlier than catching the egg and we now have already seen that, it is going to be very excessive if we need to win the competitors.

Now, to be able to lower the drive, the one factor that we will do is to maintain the time of contact with our palms “t” as excessive as attainable.

If we do this we will scale back the pressure F to such a restrict that the egg despite the fact that fairly brittle, wont break.

To extend the time of contact we have to catch the egg in sweeping motion. We have to transfer our palms downwards in order that the relative velocity between the hand and the egg turns into much less. It will successfully improve the time “t” and therefore the Drive F can be lowered.